MV Agusta launches Brotle 800 sports bike in India, prize 15.59 lakhs

If you also have a passion for buying and running a new sports bike, then this news is for your work. The famous Italian bike maker MV Agusta is launching the Broken 800 Naked Sports Bike in India. The company has opened the booking for the Indians even before its launch.

According to the information, the company has fixed a price of Rs 15.59 lakh for the Indians of the Brute 800 Next Sports Bike. The company has shared photos about this bike on your social page. In which the bike has also been mentioned about bookings.

The company is preparing for the best efforts in the country. According to the information, these bikes will be brought to India via the SKD route. Although the look of the Brutlele 800 is similar to the previous model but there are some new types of new experiments. Digital meters, tank design and DRL update methods have been installed in this.

In addition, it will offer eight-level traction control, riding mode, sleeper clutch, ABS and integrated multi-map ride by wire system. The MV Agusta Bruteel 800 booking will have a Twin 320mm disc with the Brute 800 Brambo Colliper. After launch, Bike Triple Street Triple, Kawasaki may prove to be better than Jade 900.

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