Amazon’s messaging app Anytime can be launched soon: report

Amazon is not only the world’s largest e-commerce website, but it is also spreading its foot in other areas too. For example, its smart speakers can take it. Now the company can launch Instant Messaging soon.

According to the reports, its name will be Anytime, which will feature a number of other features besides a common instant messaging app. Both text messages and video chat will be provided in the service.

According to an AFTV news report, Amazon was taking opinions from the customer to include features in this app. The main focus of this app is messaging, voice and video calls and special sharing of photo sharing. There will also be several filters with special effects.

Group chatting can also be given considerable attention. Because the report is coming in, it has been said that the services of group gaming, music and food order will also be given in it.

According to the reports, this platform will be to and secure and it will be launched for three platforms – Android, iOS and desktop simultaneously.

In this, an option to encrypt special messages such as bank details and passwords for the betterment of security can be given.

At present there is no official statement about this app from Amazon.

Significantly, Amazon has recently launched Video Conferencing App Chime for Business Customers. This company has launched the market to compete with the Voice Conferencing Service like Skype and Web X.

According to the reports, it will not be like WhatsApp, because contacts can be searched without the phone number itself. To tag anyone, use @Used as Facebook and Twitter.


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