World grip on big cyber attack, other services including ATMs stalled

There is another big cyber attack in the world, which is affecting banks, airports and other services in many countries. Ukraine is the worst affected, where everything is stalled. Systems of Russia’s largest oil company have also been hacked, A look at the big things related to it:

The most impact of this virus is lying in European countries. Vanakraya ransomware was attacked last week. Then 150 countries including India were affected. The latest attack has been told that it is a new type of Vanacrya virus.

– The most affected, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, has said that there has stopped working from ATM to banks, airports and power grids.

– Apart from Russia’s largest oil company, there have been complaints from hacking from London. The WPP Ad Agency system has been hacked there.

At present, this cyber attack has been confirmed in Russia, Britain, Denmark, France and Norway except Ukraine. No case has been reported in India so far.

– According to Moscow-based Security Group Group -IB, Russia and Ukraine have been attacked together. The correct assessment of the loss is yet to be done.

Then there is a demand for ransom

Hacking has also happened on a media company in Ukraine. Employees say that the computer suddenly stopped and then a message came in which demand for $ 300 for the files to be re-accessed. A similar ransom was demanded in the same manner that the wanakraya ransomware was attacked last time. A large number of companies had recovered their data by paying the ransom.


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