The smartphone purchased online is real or fake, 6 tips to help you recognize fake gadgets

When buying a new smartphone, you pay a lot of attention on the phone’s battery, camera, design and RAM. But have you ever noticed the quality of the phone or its original? Actually, there are many companies who are selling duplicates of original smartphones and selling them in the market. These smartphones are made such that no user can recognize them. That is why we have brought some ways for you to identify original and fake gadgets.

Manufacturers of counterfeit devices do not pay much attention to the design of the phone. But official retailers take care of the phone’s design and packaging closely. So whenever you buy a phone, pay attention to the print quality of its packaging. If its fonts are clear then the phone is real. Packaging should be completely cured. The real manufacturers pay attention to the packaging of the phone, so that there is no phone damage when carrying it.

Observe the user manual carefully:
The user manual is the easiest way to test any gadget. All information about the device in the manual is written in the language of the country where it is being purchased. If it is written in some other language, then obviously you have taken a fake product.

Attention to the device’s content:
Any material used in the phone can be plastic, rubber and aluminum or high quality. If there is a big brand then they pay a lot of attention to the phone’s material. The quality of every material used in the phone is good. Even if the material used in the phone is bad then the phone can be fake.

Look at the fonts:
Pay attention to the phone’s logo fonts. The fonts given on the fake phone will be quite different from the real logo. The symbols on the real phone are smooth, readable and durable.

Check to Charger:
Every charger is made according to different countries. If you live in Europe then there will be special blocks according to European socket. If you are asked to purchase an adapter separately when you buy a new phone it is a warning to you. There is no joint in the charger of any branded company.

Also watch wires and plugs carefully:
There is a big sign wire quality to detect fake phones. Plug-in cable will be given in original product. This cable is the same. At the same time, the counterfeit cable’s cable comes with loose and false angles.


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