These are no 5 Android Apps, but Google Play Store is available

There are many such apps on Google Play Store which have no idea why it has been built.

The credit of more than the use of smartphones goes to its increasing popularity and consistently better internet connectivity. While the use of smartphones on one side is already being used more than before. At the same time, developers have provided many apps for users. These apps are quite useful for users. Today there are many apps on the Google Play Store that users also use in their daily lives. There are many such apps on the other side, which have no information about why it has been built. Let us tell you that there are many such apps that are not strange to say odd and useless. Today we are going to tell you about some such apps.

Fidget spinners:

It was made in the 90’s. It was very good for those users who have difficulty in focusing. There will be a virtual widget spinning experience in it. In it, the spinners have to swipe left and right to collect points. However, this app is rarely used anymore.

Electric Shaver:

This is a futile app. It has a photo of an electric shaver. Right now, the phone’s camera will show a live photo of your face. Tap on the shaver will start on. There will also be a hair trimmer voice. It’s a fun app but it’s hard to understand why it’s made.

Metal Detector:

As the name suggests, it is a metal detector. It measures the magnetic field through the smartphone’s magnetic sensor. However, this app would not be wrong to say vainly.

Hodor Keyboard Lite:

If you have seen Game of Thrones then you will have known the name of this app. The name of a character in this series is Hodor. This app does not write anything other than Hodor. After installing it, you have to enable it by going to the Language and Input Method option. However, this app is not of any use.

Virtual Cigarette Smoking:

If you do not smoke cigarettes but they really want to show that you smoke, then this app is your job. This app shows a virtual cigarette on your phone screen. It would be right to say this without any work app.


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