After the smartphone’s hardware button is damaged, do so using the phone

Most people are using touch screen phones today. The touch screen phone also has some hardware buttons, such as power, volume buttons, etc. These buttons are also used for screen lock and volume other than power on-off. but this hardware button gets spoiled, then it becomes difficult to use the phone and you have to walk around the service center, but there are some solutions, with the help of which the hardware buttons can use the phone even after the bad..

Button Saviery app

The phone’s hardware button is getting worse or disturbs you, then You can download the ‘Button Saviery’ app in the phone. With this help you can control the hardware only with the software button. When you install this app available on Google Play, So many new buttons will appear on the Home screen. They have buttons like Home, Volume, Phone lock etc. It has a popup control button, Through which you can easily control any kind of notification or popup that comes in the phone. At the same time, in the popup you can also keep your favorite apps that you use more.


Button is placed in a set of three sets in the button sewing app. Of these sets, you can choose according to your needs. In every set, you will get the option of Home, Power and Back button. The app will have a Flexible trigger icon, so you can swipe anywhere on the screen according to your need. In the trigger button you will also get options like gesture trigger and click trigger. In this you can also use features such as Always Open and Auto Hyd. Also, you can customize the button according to your needs, such as who you want to put before and who later. There is also a special feature of the Buttons app that there is a Visible Software Button that can be used by S-Pen and Mouse etc. Through it, you can control the screen lock, home, camera, call and volume. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.


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