9 Technologies That Will Change the World

The world is changing fast! The changes that have not taken place in 100 years have changed in the last 20 years and the changes that have not happened in the past 20 years will change in the 7-8 years of change. And this is the only reason – “Tachnology – technique”

The rapid change in today’s time has never happened before. In our today’s post we are going to tell you about some of the new technologies that can change our life completely. Let’s know about some of the unimaginable technologies –

3D Printing:
One of the most spectacular new technologies of the present time. 3D printer prints our digital design into solid real-product – just like the Shaka Laka Boom Boom Pencil. 3D Printer will bring unimaginable changes in the world in the future, because it will be used in almost every field of our life. So far, three-D printing has been used in making cycles, airplane parts, toys, metal items, food products, human organ, houses and many other things.

This technology is constantly evolving and in future it will be used in almost every kind of concrete items.

Driverless Car:
Many companies, including Google and Ford, are developing automatic cars (Auto-Driving Cars) through Artificial Intelligence. In the self-driving car the input video is given from the camera and the sensors are engaged for controlling in different parts of the car. Self-driving cars will reduce road accidents because the sensors and other technologies engaged in these cars are so great that the probability of accidents is unmatched. Many companies have developed self driving cars, but this technology will take some years to be used practically now.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:
Such robots that we have seen in movies till now, they are now starting to take real form. Scientists are continuously engaged in developing Artificial Intelligence in Robots. Although science is not yet close to developing human-like robots, many work robots do better and faster than humans. They are still being used in medical operation, hazardous substances and repetitive work.

In the coming time, the use of robots will be used in day-to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning dirty utensils, cleaning the house, lifting loaded items and moving from one place to another. Just as the computer changed the way we did some years ago, robots will also change the way we do the work.

Sub-Sonic Transportation Hyperloop:
In the field of scientific traffic, a special type of technology is developing “Sub-Sonic Transportation Hyperloop”. Those looking like a rocket will run three times (1224 km) faster than the bullet train after passing the vacuum system. Sudden contact with electricity, bad weather and earthquake will not affect it.

There is a possibility of running the first Subsonic Train by 2020, which will bring a major change in the transport sector.

Internet of Things:
Internet of Things is a technology to connect in the everyday life of things like mobile, music systems, vehicles, electronic, sensors and other smart devices, which can exchange data between each other. It is used to check the health of the patient in hospitals, keep the security of the mobile at home and elsewhere, and save the vehicle from crash.

With the help of this technology, many things will be easier in the coming time, like when a cake is formed, your oven will stop itself, the light will come out in the room itself.

Brain Controlled Computers:
Its purpose is to make computers and other devices work by human brain. However, just a few works have happened on this, but in future you will be able to work on the computer faster. Some companies have made some tools to work by reading the human mind.

Artificial Pink Light Farms:
Due to rising population, cultivable land has started decreasing. With the help of Pink Light Farms it is possible to cultivate organic and pesticide free of home. This technique is cultivated in the indoor environment using special types of LED Lights. Not only that, this technique also costs less water and can be done anytime in the farming year.

Virtual Reality:
A special kind of computer-generated electronic device in which the screen and sensors fit. By wearing it on our eyes, we can enjoy real games like 3-D images and environment. It is so real, in the future, it may also be difficult to differentiate between reality and virtual reality. In addition to games in the future, it will be used in many areas like Heritage, Education, Entertainment, Business etc.

Human Spaceflight:
So far, around 550 people worldwide have been able to travel in space. But Virgin Galactic Company is working on a mission to travel to space for the common people and a special type of space trip is being designed for it. The first commercial space flight will be sent in the next 4-5 years.

Along with this, the US Space Agency NASA recently had sought applications from interested persons to go into space. After special training, some selected persons will be traveling to space.

Some companies are working to make hotels and human settlements in space by 2030.

The smartphone purchased online is real or fake, 6 tips to help you recognize fake gadgets

When buying a new smartphone, you pay a lot of attention on the phone’s battery, camera, design and RAM. But have you ever noticed the quality of the phone or its original? Actually, there are many companies who are selling duplicates of original smartphones and selling them in the market. These smartphones are made such that no user can recognize them. That is why we have brought some ways for you to identify original and fake gadgets.

Manufacturers of counterfeit devices do not pay much attention to the design of the phone. But official retailers take care of the phone’s design and packaging closely. So whenever you buy a phone, pay attention to the print quality of its packaging. If its fonts are clear then the phone is real. Packaging should be completely cured. The real manufacturers pay attention to the packaging of the phone, so that there is no phone damage when carrying it.

Observe the user manual carefully:
The user manual is the easiest way to test any gadget. All information about the device in the manual is written in the language of the country where it is being purchased. If it is written in some other language, then obviously you have taken a fake product.

Attention to the device’s content:
Any material used in the phone can be plastic, rubber and aluminum or high quality. If there is a big brand then they pay a lot of attention to the phone’s material. The quality of every material used in the phone is good. Even if the material used in the phone is bad then the phone can be fake.

Look at the fonts:
Pay attention to the phone’s logo fonts. The fonts given on the fake phone will be quite different from the real logo. The symbols on the real phone are smooth, readable and durable.

Check to Charger:
Every charger is made according to different countries. If you live in Europe then there will be special blocks according to European socket. If you are asked to purchase an adapter separately when you buy a new phone it is a warning to you. There is no joint in the charger of any branded company.

Also watch wires and plugs carefully:
There is a big sign wire quality to detect fake phones. Plug-in cable will be given in original product. This cable is the same. At the same time, the counterfeit cable’s cable comes with loose and false angles.

World grip on big cyber attack, other services including ATMs stalled

There is another big cyber attack in the world, which is affecting banks, airports and other services in many countries. Ukraine is the worst affected, where everything is stalled. Systems of Russia’s largest oil company have also been hacked, A look at the big things related to it:

The most impact of this virus is lying in European countries. Vanakraya ransomware was attacked last week. Then 150 countries including India were affected. The latest attack has been told that it is a new type of Vanacrya virus.

– The most affected, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, has said that there has stopped working from ATM to banks, airports and power grids.

– Apart from Russia’s largest oil company, there have been complaints from hacking from London. The WPP Ad Agency system has been hacked there.

At present, this cyber attack has been confirmed in Russia, Britain, Denmark, France and Norway except Ukraine. No case has been reported in India so far.

– According to Moscow-based Security Group Group -IB, Russia and Ukraine have been attacked together. The correct assessment of the loss is yet to be done.

Then there is a demand for ransom

Hacking has also happened on a media company in Ukraine. Employees say that the computer suddenly stopped and then a message came in which demand for $ 300 for the files to be re-accessed. A similar ransom was demanded in the same manner that the wanakraya ransomware was attacked last time. A large number of companies had recovered their data by paying the ransom.

After the smartphone’s hardware button is damaged, do so using the phone

Most people are using touch screen phones today. The touch screen phone also has some hardware buttons, such as power, volume buttons, etc. These buttons are also used for screen lock and volume other than power on-off. but this hardware button gets spoiled, then it becomes difficult to use the phone and you have to walk around the service center, but there are some solutions, with the help of which the hardware buttons can use the phone even after the bad..

Button Saviery app

The phone’s hardware button is getting worse or disturbs you, then You can download the ‘Button Saviery’ app in the phone. With this help you can control the hardware only with the software button. When you install this app available on Google Play, So many new buttons will appear on the Home screen. They have buttons like Home, Volume, Phone lock etc. It has a popup control button, Through which you can easily control any kind of notification or popup that comes in the phone. At the same time, in the popup you can also keep your favorite apps that you use more.


Button is placed in a set of three sets in the button sewing app. Of these sets, you can choose according to your needs. In every set, you will get the option of Home, Power and Back button. The app will have a Flexible trigger icon, so you can swipe anywhere on the screen according to your need. In the trigger button you will also get options like gesture trigger and click trigger. In this you can also use features such as Always Open and Auto Hyd. Also, you can customize the button according to your needs, such as who you want to put before and who later. There is also a special feature of the Buttons app that there is a Visible Software Button that can be used by S-Pen and Mouse etc. Through it, you can control the screen lock, home, camera, call and volume. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

These are no 5 Android Apps, but Google Play Store is available

There are many such apps on Google Play Store which have no idea why it has been built.

The credit of more than the use of smartphones goes to its increasing popularity and consistently better internet connectivity. While the use of smartphones on one side is already being used more than before. At the same time, developers have provided many apps for users. These apps are quite useful for users. Today there are many apps on the Google Play Store that users also use in their daily lives. There are many such apps on the other side, which have no information about why it has been built. Let us tell you that there are many such apps that are not strange to say odd and useless. Today we are going to tell you about some such apps.

Fidget spinners:

It was made in the 90’s. It was very good for those users who have difficulty in focusing. There will be a virtual widget spinning experience in it. In it, the spinners have to swipe left and right to collect points. However, this app is rarely used anymore.

Electric Shaver:

This is a futile app. It has a photo of an electric shaver. Right now, the phone’s camera will show a live photo of your face. Tap on the shaver will start on. There will also be a hair trimmer voice. It’s a fun app but it’s hard to understand why it’s made.

Metal Detector:

As the name suggests, it is a metal detector. It measures the magnetic field through the smartphone’s magnetic sensor. However, this app would not be wrong to say vainly.

Hodor Keyboard Lite:

If you have seen Game of Thrones then you will have known the name of this app. The name of a character in this series is Hodor. This app does not write anything other than Hodor. After installing it, you have to enable it by going to the Language and Input Method option. However, this app is not of any use.

Virtual Cigarette Smoking:

If you do not smoke cigarettes but they really want to show that you smoke, then this app is your job. This app shows a virtual cigarette on your phone screen. It would be right to say this without any work app.